Growing Companies Love Austern


Asked what their biggest concerns were over the coming three years, 86% of global CEOs and 79% of Australian CEOs said it was how millennials' differing business needs would change the way companies do business.

- KPMG chairman Peter Nash

We advocate Millennial talent.


Global CEOs say they feel they do not really understand the needs of millennials, but they want to hire and engage with more of this younger demographic over the next three years. That's a key finding of KPMG's Global CEO Outlook of nearly 1300 CEOs from companies with annual revenues of $US0.5 billion to more than $US10 billion.

We are Millennial Evangelists and here are three reasons why your company needs them and how we can help you engage Millennials. 


Attracting talented Millennials is critical to the future of your business.

From the beginning, our goal and vision is to connect entrepreneurial Millennials to employers and to help companies attract young talent in a whole new way.

Through our Millennial Career bootcamp, participants will be helping you solve a challenge your company is facing using their business, marketing, design or coding skills. We also provide participants with ongoing coaching and feedback to drive forward their performance before they present their solutions back to you. 

This is an opportunity for you to connect with these young super achievers. Like what you see? Partner companies are able to engage with our talent for any open positions that you may have.

"The partnership with Austern is an opportunity to get a sneak preview of how young people approach a problem and present their findings. If you're hiring for new graduate roles, it helps you find the best young talent in a hands-on way."

Mike Clapson, APAC Manager at Slack


By Engaging Millennials they become powerful social media influencers for your company. If you don’t, others will.

Our team is made up of world-class Millennials applying the latest technology tools to help you build something bigger than ourselves. We check our smartphone 43 times and spend at least 5 hours on social media per day, put it bluntly - we know what makes millennials tick. 

You’ll have a dedicated person helping you to come up with marketing and collaboration strategies to help improve your employer branding. We'll promote your profile, open jobs, and unique culture in articles, social media, and dedicated emails (we do love our emojis!) 


"The students from Austern International are with passion and entrepreneurial spirit who actually brought their analytical skills, patience and creativity to the problems we delivered to them. Most importantly, the organiser really got those students out of their comfort zone and let them face the challenge of the startup daily life and through the whole program, we also find some great talents who we got collaborated on later!"

Alex Wang, Business Development Manager of Klook


The bottom line impact is real. Retaining a Millennial will save you up to $20,000. Excessive turnover will break your business.

Is your company considered a great place for the millennials? There is somewhat of a disconnect between young people, their hopes, goals and expectations, and what companies think young people want. 

We see ourselves as the translators and our passion lie in fostering strong engagement in story-telling. We offer reverse mentorship events, young employee retreats and trainings to help you better understand this younger generation and help you strengthen their connections to their work. 

"Austern International brought along amazingly talented and bright students that offered valuable feedback and ideas on how Carousell could potentially market itself in Australia. It's a great initiative from Austern and I recommend other fellow startups and companies to collaborate with them too."

Jing Zhi Peh, Marketing at Carousell

"We were so lucky to work with the Austern team to mentor the next generation of Entrepreneurs. I would highly recommend reaching out to get involved with this fantastic organisation!"

Rupert Deans, CEO of Plattar